Tarnishing |  It is natural for sterling silver to develop oxidization over time.  This can be prevented by storing jewellery out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. When possible, placing jewellery pieces in small plastic bags will help to delay the oxidization process.  It is strongly recommended that jewellery be removed for bathing, exercise, & sleeping.  It is possible that exposure to cosmetics or household chemicals, such as hairspray or bleach, may damage the jewellery.

Powdercoat |  This is an industrial process that allows for the application of a variety of colour not commonly associated with jewellery processes and provides a highly durable finish.  

Cleaning |  Using lukewarm water and a mild dish detergent, gently clean using a soft toothbrush.  Standard rouge jewellery cloths may be used on sterling surfaces.  Powdercoated surfaces should be avoided, however, gentle cleansing with dish soap and a tooth brush should remove any remaining compound.