bio //

Shelbey Dodds received her BFA in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing from NSCAD University in 2015.  Being awarded the Arts Nova Scotia Professional Development Grant in the summer of 2016, Dodds attended jewellery fairs Joya Barcelona in Spain and the Goldsmith’s Fair in London.  Returning to Halifax, she was a participant of the Nova Scotia Center for Craft and Design’s airCRAFT residency program.  Over this ten month residency, she developed two collections of work, which was subsequently presented to the Harbourfront selection committee.  With a successful application, she is pleased to become one of this year’s newest residents of the Harbourfront Metal Studio. After six years on the east coast, Shelbey returns to Ontario, living and working in Toronto.

artist statement //

My work is influenced by structure and is an exploration of the term.  Seeking to display a clear and explicit observation of the physical surroundings I encounter in daily life.  It is my intention to illustrate the term further, by regarding the accumulation of lived and felt experiences as the evolution and formation of human character. Employing traditional fabrication methods and minimal forms, I construct jewellery objects – items dedicated to the structural adornment of the body.